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Q and A

I am an on location natural light photographer and I have my own natural light studio in Holly Springs. If I had to describe my style of photography I would say photojournalistic, candid, casual, relaxed. Some of my very favorite pictures are when no one is looking at me.  I am a "less is more" girl.  I love simple, clean and classic.  No weird photoshop or gimmicks for me.  My goal is to capture your family interactions. I want to capture your Love. You can see it- It shows up in a look, an embrace or a smile. It is my happiest moment if I realize I captured that for you.  



 Full photo sessions last about 45 minutes( extra charge for sessions lasting longer than an hour). Sessions are scheduled in the morning or afternoon for best light. Scheduling should be flexible and may change depending on weather.


What to wear?????? (The question most asked) My answer: I have no idea! I will probably be in jeans and flip flops though ;) Really- I never know what to say to this except be comfortable, be yourself and wear something you aren’t scared to sit in the grass in. Coordinate but you don’t have to match. More than two colors is always a good idea. I love accessories and layering. Scarves, headbands, hats etc. Scroll through my website or FB page for ideas. (I have some really stylish clients) You can always find ideas and Pinterest of course..

Simply Newborn Sessions

Please look at my newborn gallery (New) and make sure I am the photographer for you. There are so many newborn photographers out there and I want to make sure my style suits your needs. I want to capture your special new time with your baby in your space. I consider my newborn photographs “lifestyle photography.” While I appreciate the prop/ staged photographs that are abundant now- it isn’t my style. Babies don’t hold up their own heads or hang from tree branches (these pictures aren’t real anyway) and they are not the style of pictures that inspire me. I don’t come to you with fake backgrounds or backdrops. I want to capture your new miracle in your own home, in your arms, surrounded by your own things with their loved ones. My pictures are simple and tell the story of the new life in your house. Each shoot is different. We shoot for light so whichever room in your house has the best light - is where we will be, because of this sometimes we have to reschedule for a gloomy day even though we are inside. I prefer for the babies to be under 2 weeks old but it isn’t necessary. Newborn shoots always take longer than an hour. I don’t charge extra for the time. I like to schedule them around 10 am on a weekday if possible. That being said- I do have a natural light studio in my home and I would be happy to have you come to me.



Seniors: I love love love seniors! YES you can change clothes as many times as you would like but keep in mind the timeframe alloted for your session.  

Most boys only want a mini session and the girls want a full session.  I now offer a half session which is a happy middle for parents. 

Bring a blanket or a sheet for to change behind as there is usually no where inside to change clothes.  

Bring your Mom or Dad - you don't have to of course but senior pics are a special time for them too and I usally have them jump in one or two pictures with you.  And yes bring your dog or your truck or your baby pictures.  I am game for whatever you want to do for your senior pictures.  Your ideas are always better than mine. 




Bring whatever you want.  And yes we can attempt the pinterest picture ;) As I said before I am not much of a prop person as I find faces much more interesting but have some and am always open to ideas. I will try anything :)


Weddings: I am currently not doing any weddings in 2016. I know some fantastic photogs though so contact me for some names.


Boudouir Photography: Not for me but have some names of some very talented photogs I can send you to.


Fall: My fall weekends book up the fastest. My crazy leaf people don't mess around. You need to be on my books before the end of July My sessions are $50 more Sept15- Jan 1st.



We can meet in a location of your choice. I am always on the lookout for new beautiful locations. I live in a lovely neighborhood with many different photo spots near me- lakes, docks, bridges and gazebos.

Some of the locations I frequent require me to have permit to use them. We must adhere to the rules at all times. I try to make sure all the locations I use are safe but when we are out in nature we need to be aware of our surroundings at all times.


Studio: I said never... but you should never say never! I have a very simple natural light studio in Holly Springs. It is perfect for little kids, cake smash, dance photos or headshots. I am having a great time building this portfolio so check out my temporary pricing. It is too good of a deal to pass up!

Weather: We will have to reschedule for rain. Overcast is always fine but rain or wind may require a reschedule. I always save some time every month for rain dates.



I now take Visa/Mastercard and Paypal. Check or Cash always welcome. Checks can be made out to DRP. Payment is due at time of session.